About Eardrum Artists

Placing new music in new advertising campaigns – in essence, that is what Eardrum Artists is about. While we are not tied to any particular musical style or genre, it is essential that the compositions excel in quality and originality. Only in this way is it possible to stand out from the endless mass of mediocre ad campaigns.

How does it work for composers and for clients?

There are really only 3 things needed for Eardrum Artists, new composers, and advertising agency clients to all work together:

  1.  You send us your music
  2.  We like it
  3.  The client likes it


In detail:

Agencies send us a music brief, ideally together with a rough edit of the footage. We then select the best music, sync it with the film, and present it to the client.

At the same time we give the client a quote for usage fees, based on proposed transmission medium (TV, internet, cinema, radio etc.), territories covered, and duration of usage. If the client accepts the proposed music and usage rights fees, we can then conclude a deal.

In order for this process to run smoothly, we agree a  placement contract with each composer in advance. This specifies the following, among other things:

  • The music may not be used to promote dubious products or political beliefs.
  • All publishing rights and royalty income will remain with the original composer.
  • Eardrum Artists splits the usage rights fee as agreed with the original composer.

As we only accept composers who have produced the works themselves, there are no additional costs to the client for the use of the original master recording.


About To Consider:

The ad industry works quickly and efficiently. Unnecessary delays and disagreements damage everyone’s reputation – and end up making the whole process more difficult and less enjoyable.

So, for example, when a deal is agreed, the music will ideally be used as is. If minor revisions are needed, such as a break at a particular point, or vocals needing to start 2 seconds later, this can usually be achieved by editing, or by using effects. If it’s not feasible for the composer to do this at short notice, Eardrum Artists will make the necessary changes themselves.

By means of this “service”, our aim is simply to ensure that the music is synced to the footage as quickly as possible.

Clients obviously don’t want to hear “their” music used in another advert at the same time, so music we provide is always contracted exclusively for each territory for the duration of usage.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch! We’re looking forward to receiving some great music and film scripts!

p.s. to find out more about us, go to www.eardrum.de